Child’s foot impaled on steel bar

The Cessnock District Rescue Squad was called to a Kitchener house around midday on Tuesday 10th following reports of a child’s foot impaled on a steel bar. On arrival at the scene Paramedics were treating the young male who had a steel reinforcing bar from a concrete slab imbedded into his foot. The bar had entered near the big toe and travelled through his foot towards his heel but had not exited the foot.

“Simply cutting the bar with conventional equipment such as saws or grinders is not an option in these cases as the heat and vibration causes the injury to become more serious, therefore a small hand operated hydraulically powered cutter was used and the bar was cut very quickly, without causing further distress to the child” a squad spokesman said.

The child was then transported by Ambulance to the John Hunter Hospital in a stable condition for surgical removal of the remaining section of steel bar.


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