The Cessnock District Rescue Squad was called to a three vehicle collision at 10.40am Friday 2nd. The accident occurred during heavy rain on John Renshaw Drive near the intersection of George Booth Drive and resulted in four people being hospitalised. Upon arrival of Cessnock District Rescue Squad personnel no Ambulance was on scene so their first priority was assessing and treating the injured. Four Ambulances were responded to the incident and upon their arrival the Rescue Personnel were advised to remove the driver’s side of one vehicle. The female driver of the 4wd was trapped for around thirty minutes while Rescue Personnel used hydraulic spreaders and cutters to remove the driver’s side of the vehicle. Upon being released from the vehicle she was treated by Paramedics for head, limb and possible internal and spinal injuries before being transported by Ambulance to the John Hunter Hospital. The two drivers of the other vehicles along with the 4wd passenger were also transported by Ambulance to the John Hunter Hospital with possible internal and spinal injuries.

John Renshaw Drive was closed to all traffic either side of the scene with diversions in place throughout the incident. Rescue personnel assisted Paramedics with treating the injured and remained at the scene to assist Police with traffic control. Crash Investigation Officers also attended the scene to determine the cause the collision.

Earlier in the morning, shortly after 3am, the Cessnock District Rescue Squad was called to a single vehicle collision on Wollombi Road Pelton. A report that someone was trapped in a vehicle that had collided with a tree resulted in all emergency services responding to the scene. Upon arrival of the first Police unit it was quickly determined that the vehicle was abandoned and all other services were called off.

At midday on 1st March the squad was responded to a section of the Watagan Mountains in the Congewoi region to search for a missing person. Whilst en route Police at the scene were able to locate the missing person and Rescue Personnel were called off.

Due to the unseasonal weather this summer the squad has responded to considerably less snake calls then in previous years. Despite this a reasonable number of snakes have been captured by squad personnel and all residents are reminded to exercise caution and remain vigilant until the cooler seasons arrive. If you see a snake do not attempt to catch or kill it, call 49912444 ASAP and if safe to do so monitor the snakes movements as this greatly increases the changes of a successful capture.

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