Evidence Search Training


Tonight’s training was to perform evidence searches in particular areas, looking for information in relation to the brief given prior to our departure.

We broke up into two teams, each having their own search, and then came together for a final major search at the end of the night.

You can see in the pictures we have a team leader at the rear following the team, this person is in control of the searchers and how they move.

The V.RA. can be requested by other services such as NSW Police to assist in searches to locate evidence in relation to missing persons, missing aircraft, and many other crime scene investigations.

Some of the terrain our members have endured over the years assisting with searches throughout the state has been pretty intense. We have despatched some our Cessnock Volunteers to assist with searches in the Blue Mountains, the Watagan Forest, Barrington Tops and Barraba.

These volunteers can spend numerous days away from family, trying to locate what they have been assigned to look for.