Lookout lookout snakes about.

With the weather starting to warm up it’s time to think about a bit of snake prevention around the home. Our slippery little reptile friends will becoming very active shortly and on the move to find food after chilling out over the cooler months.
You can reduce the risk of snakes taking up shelter on your property by not having piles of materials in the yard and keeping your grass short.
If you do happen to come in close contact with a snake, do not panic, don’t make any sudden moves and the snake will more than likely move on. A snake will usually only bite when it feels threatened or provoked.
We have a number of trained snake handlers who will come and catch and relocate snakes in the Cessnock LGA.
We ask that if you do come across a snake and would like us to come and relocate it for you to please keep in mind the following.
1. Have someone keep constant visual contact of the snake until we arrive.
2. Do not try and handle or catch the snake yourself.
3. Do not try and kill the snake.
4.Please notify us when you call how long it has been since the snake was last seen.
We have had instances where we have been called to look for a snake only to find out that the person had not seen the snake for a day.
Over the season we can be called to 300+ relocations , so the more accurate information we have the better success rate we have.
We have also attached a link from the Rolyal Flying Doctor Service which outlines what to do in the case of a snake bite.


If you would like to contact us to relocate a snake for you, please contact us on 49912444.