Snake season is underway

Snake season has begun.

Cessnock District Rescue Squad received its first snake relocation call for the season on Friday.

The juvenile red-bellied black snake was located on a residential property at Bellbird.

Our volunteers captured the reptile and it was released into bushland a short time later.

The squad on average receives between 200-300 calls for assistance with relocating snakes each season.

There are actions you can take to reduce the risk of snakes gathering on your property, these include keeping your lawn at a low height, not having piles of timber, bricks and other materials in your yard, discard grass clippings instead of making a pile as the warmth creates a safe and warm environment for them.

If you do happen to encounter a snake on your property don’t panic. Stay calm and have someone keep a continuous visual sight on the snake and call for assistance. People should be aware it is an offence to kill native snakes.

Never judge a snake by its colour and treat all snakes as though they are venomous.

Cessnock District Rescue Squad have trained volunteers who can assist with the relocation of snakes. If you require our assistance we can be contacted on 4991 2444.

We have attached some pictures of some of the snakes we have relocated in previous seasons.