Volunteer Training

Vertical rescue

Throughout the squads history its members have displayed outstanding commitment to all facets of the squad. Apart from their core role of responding to call outs anytime day and night, the members spend hundreds of hours every year training, maintaining equipment, fundraising and completing administrative tasks.

Training is conducted at the Cessnock Base every Monday night between 7pm and 9pm and encompasses all modules for which the squad is accredited. Additional training for specialised areas such as vertical rescue is also conducted on a regular basis.



All operational squad members are required to be SRB accredited following an initial training period. Members then have the choice to undertake any further specialised rescue training should they choose to do so.

For anyone wanting to be involved but not wanting to become SRB accredited and attend call outs you may become a Support member. Support members are welcome to attend regular squad events, such as training; however they are not required to do so. The main function of Support Members is to assist with fundraising and other events when required by the squad.